Author:  J.R. Poulter

Illustrator/Book Designer/Layout Artist:  Muza Ulasowski

Publisher:  Word Wings for Kids

ISBN:  978-1-925484-43-4 (hardcover)

Book Size:  216 x 216 mm

No of Pages:  32

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    2018 - Highly Commended Award with Illustrators Australia Illustration Awards in the Children's Books category.

    2017 - 5 Star Award from Readers' Favourite

    2017 - Honourable Mention Award with Purple Dragonfly Book Award in the Best Illustrations category.

    2017 - Honourable Mention Award with Purple Dragonfly Book Award in the Children's Picture Book 5 Years & Under category.

    2017 - Life Award from Literature for Environment.

    J.R. Poulter has published over 30 books for children and education in the UK, USA and Australia, and over 30 digital books in USA & Europe. A multi-award winner, J.R. includes a Children's Choice Award in her swag. She has taken numerous workshops and readings e.g. ETAQ Conferences, SCBWI International Conference, Brisbane Poetry Festival and Brisbane City Council Libraries. Under J.R. McRae, she is a multi-award winning poet and writes for literary and YA markets.

    Baby Bear is curious. He goes where Mama said, 'Don't!'  and finds himself adrift in a BIG, BIG ocean! Will Mama find him before his piece of pack ice melts?
    A story for early childhood and lower primary with themes of risk taking, keeping safe, obeying rules, becoming lost and being found. The book also introduces small children to the idea of protecting our environment, animal habitats, melting of the pack ice and global warming.

    "A polar bear cub balances on an ice shelf to watch orcas chasing seals. But the shelf breaks, leaving him just a little bit of ice to sit on, in the immensity of the ocean. He has lost his mother, his friends and his sibling, too - he is all alone.

    Without actually talking about the environment and climate change, it brings home clearly that the bear cub's ice floe is melting fast.He's found by his mother, and saved, but.."- Dr. Virginia Lowe, Create a Kids' Book, June 2016.

    "Fluffy, mischievous polar bears and the danger from orcas. J.R. Poulter has written a delightful picture book for younger audiences that not only entertains, but contains some factual information about the animals to be found in the North Pole." - Bianca Thorburn, Teacher-Librarian, Experienced Senior Teacher, M. Ed.TL.