Author:  Sandra Horn

Illustrator/Book Designer/Layout Artist:  Muza Ulasowski

ISBN:  978-1-631856-03-7

Publisher:  TATE Publishing & Enterprises LLC.

Release Date:

No. Pages:  36

Size:  216 x 216mm

Cover:  Soft

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    Sandra Horn is an award-winning children's author. She has lived in Southampton, England with her husband Niall for over 40 years, and their three children were all born and raised there. Her first picture book, Tattybogle was published in 1995 and is still in print. In 2007 Tattybogle the Musical was created by Ruth Kenward of Starshine Music and is being performed all over the world. This success has led on to further popular musicals for children based on Sandra's books: Babushka in 2008 and The Moonthieves in 2009. I Can't Hear You! I Can't See You! was the first collaborative book between Sandra Horn and Muza Ulasowski, with the e-book version first appearing on

    Tippy the penguin chick has a problem. All the other chicks laugh at him because his feet are too big! He’s always caught out first when he plays hide-and-seek with his friends because his toes poke out. Finally he loses his temper and stomps off to the edge of the ice, closing his eyes and covering his ears so he can’t see or hear his friends. Then the ice breaks away andTippy is swept away into the bay. With his eyes shut and his ears covered up, he has encounters he doesn’t even know about – but the ice beneath his feet is slowly melting… Then Tippy’s big flat feet save the day and turn him into a hero – the penguin who invented surfing!

    A book about turning being different into a positive.

    "I Can’t Hear You! I Can’t See You! is one of those books that shows great team work between the author and illustrator. The pictures and words compliment each other beautifully. I love the large illustrations that jump out of the page and take you to with them to the next one. You can see and feel the movement of each character which creates a desire to reach out and touch them, expecting to feel the soft down of a penguin.
    I Can’t Hear You! I Can’t See You! is a high quality children’s picture book that will be enjoyed by all who read it. It is a visual journey that stimulates the senses creating a warm pleasurable experience that enhances the sharing pleasure." - Jennifer Douglas, Literary Publicist.

    "...Sandra Horn and Muza Ulasowski I thank you for adding luminous colour and a haunting story to a wet mid-week evening. Long live shared family reading." - Julia Jones.