Author:  Sandra Horn

Illustrator/Book Designer/Layout Artist:  Muza Ulasowski

ISBN:  978-1-630633-95-0

Publisher:  TATE Publishing & Enterprises LLC

Release Date:   2014

Book Size:  216 x 216mm

No Pages:  40

Cover:  Soft

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    Sandra Horn is an award-winning children's author. She has lived in Southampton, England with her husband Niall for over 40 years, and their three children were all born and raised there. Her first picture book, Tattybogle was published in 1995 and is still in print. In 2007 Tattybogle the Musical was created by Ruth Kenward of Starshine Music and is being performed all over the world. This success has led on to further popular musicals for children based on Sandra's books: Babushka in 2008 and The Moonthieves in 2009.

    Suvi and the Sky Folk is the second collaboration between Sandra Horn and Muza Ulasowski.

    It is Suvi’s first winter. When the colourful Northern Lights appear in the sky, she can’t stop gazing up at them. Her Grand-Deer tells her an old Two-legs story: the Lights are Sky Folk who will snatch away anyone who waves at them. Old Man Wolf comes prowling and howling. Suvi runs off in fright and loses the herd. All alone, she meets some strange creatures and then Old Man Wolf looms out of the snow again, waving his tail...

    An enchanting story, set in the Arctic night.

    "...Sandra Horn and Muza Ulasowski, I thank you for adding luminous colour and a haunting story to a wet mid-week evening. Long live shared family reading." - Julia Jones.

    "...Suvi and the Sky Folk is one of those books that blends beautifully from page to page and keeps you in suspense as you travel the journey. It contains all that a good picture book should, that of clear inviting illustrations, large font that is easy to read and a story that not only invites but educates and intrigues. Sandra Horn has managed to weave magic in such few words, including not only love and warmth but a little bit of suspense and danger with a feel good outcome.

    I truly hope it is not the last we see of this author/illustrator partnership. The magic they weave as a team is a delight to behold and an asset to children’s literature." - Jennifer Douglas, Literary Publicist