Author:  J.R. Poulter

Illustrator/Book Designer/Layout Artist:  Muza Ulasowski

Publisher:  Word Wings for Kids

ISBN:   978-1-925484-00-7

Book Size:  216 x 216 mm

No of Pages:  36

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SKU: BK003
    The Sea Cat's life sees many changes - from farm to sea, family pet to working cat and then the storm... He copes in various ways, by adapting, by treasuring the happy memories, by grieving, and by reaching out to comfort those around him and so ease their journey.

    A story for all ages about coping with change.

    J. R. Poulter is an award winning author and poet who once worked in a circus! She has also been a librarian, associate lecturer to international postgraduates in English Expression, academic editor, book reviewer and an assessment package writer. To date, she has 25 books published for children and YA.

    "The Sea Cat Dreams is more than a book. I felt as though I was watching a movie as I watched the transition from page to page, moving to the next frame of the adventure. This book captivates, elates and moves. This is a book that shows the high quality that is available in children's literature." - Jennifer Douglas, Literary Publicist."
    I am adding The Sea Cat Dreams as a good resource in my new book, Life and Loss (3rd edition)." - Linda Goldman, FT, MS counselling, ME early childhood education, LCPC, NBCC
    "I would definitely use The Sea Cat Dreams with my clients, young and old." - Youla Overbey, MA, LLPC
    "The Sea Cat Dreams is a book I would wholeheartedly recommend." - Claire Casha, psychology graduate with over ten years' experience of family therapy work (&) reading for a Master in Family Studies.
    "Clinicians who treat children coping with change... will want to keep this book on their bookshelf [as] a valuable resource ... I highly recommend (it)." - Barbara Cunningham, Psy.D., MFT

    2017 - Finalist placing with International Book Awards 2017 in the Children's Picture Book SoftCover Fiction category.

    2017 - 5-Star Award from Readers' Favourite.